Phuti the Buck

The Stoor Worm was undoubtedly the most dreaded creature in the world.

Marie Lafarge, the first person convicted as a result of “direct forensic technology”. Told in American slang.

Merrows are mermaids in Irish folklore, despite the fact that they are more of a race of sea-beings.

Although God gives us His love, it is meaningless if we don’t express it.

Fijian ceremonial war axe.

“I will give the cow’s tail switch to the son that I owe the most to.” he said.

“When Tortoise accuses others, he himself must have a great deal to hide.”

The king was pleased to have such a clever and honest man as one of his subjects.

Paul Cuffee, a homeboy of legendary integrity, extraordinary accomplishments and a playa of note.

Oliver Thomas Spedding

I’m a freelance writer, book illustrator, songwriter and artist. Through my writing I am hoping to spread hope and encouragement. Don’t ever give up!

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